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Cologne DLBCL Symposium on February 1st, 2018


We have recently developed a strong interest in the biology of DLBCL, particularly ABC-DLBCL. In that regard, Gero Knittel in the lab has generated a novel mouse model, which is driven by oncogenic Myd88 and Bcl2. These animals develop ABC-DLBCL and we are currently expanding our experimental tools through the generation of additional relevant alleles and cell lines, as well as sequencing-based genomic characterization and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated functional interrogation of selective vulnerabilities of these models and the human disease. We are actively cooperating with our clinical colleagues, in order to drive our observations into clinical validation within the context of early proof-of-concept trials.

To connect with other European colleagues, we have now initiated the Cologne DLBCL Symposium. The first meeting takes place on February 1st in the new lecture hall of the Max Planck Institute for Aging Research in Cologne. We have assembled an illustrious list of confirmed speakers, as well as numerous poster presentations. The symposium is organized by Gero Knittel, Ruth Flümann and Christian Reinhardt. The meeting is co-funded by the KFO-286 (led by C. Reinhardt) and the Center for Integrated Oncology Cologne-Bonn (CIO).