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We congratulate Dr. Gero Knittel on a very successful PhD Defense!


On January 11th, Dr. Gero Knittel defended his PhD with the title "An autochthonous mouse model of MYD88 p.L265P- and BCL2-driven diffuse large B cell lymphoma".

Dr. Knittel established a novel mouse model for ABC DLBCL-like disease, driven by Myd88 p.L252P and BCL2 overexpression. Tumor formation is preceded by a hyperactivated state characterized by exaggerated responses to exogenous antigen and the break of self tolerance. MBC tumors (Myd88 allele was combined with a BCL2 overexpression allele, as BCL2 overexpression is a common feature of ABC DLBCL, and both alleles were activated B cell-specifically with CD19:Cre) are sensitive to the inhibition of BCL2 by ABT-199 and respond to immune checkpoint blockade by α-PD1 treatment, suggesting these treatments as potential new strategies in the therapy of ABC DLBCL.